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Training, Workshops & Speaking Engagements

Our educational trainings, workshops and speaking engagements offer practical training for health care professionals and care community staff to improve their skills in providing care for people with dementia.

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The Value We Offer

Our programs are designed to elevate your team's skills, improve patient outcomes, and set new standards in care quality. Join us in our mission to redefine excellence in dementia care, fostering a future where every care community thrives.

Enhanced Staff Competency and Confidence

Training increases staff knowledge and practical skills in dementia care, leading to greater confidence in their ability to address the needs of individuals with dementia. This confidence translates into more effective and compassionate care, improving family, caregiver, and resident satisfaction.

Increased Staff Retention

Providing effective dementia care training to community staff enhances their ability to manage challenging situations effectively, reducing burnout and improving job satisfaction, which in turn boosts staff retention.

Enhanced and Strengthening Team Collaboration

Training fosters a shared understanding and approach among staff towards dementia care, encouraging teamwork, reducing conflicts, and enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of care delivery.

Improved Resident & Patient Outcomes

Through the adoption of advanced care techniques and personalized approaches learned in training, residents with dementia experience enhanced well-being, reduced stress and agitation, and increased moments of joy and engagement in their daily lives.

Competitive Advantage

Organizations that invest in high-quality dementia care training differentiate themselves in the health care market, attracting more clients and recognition for their commitment to superior care and innovation.

Reduced Incidence of Behavioral Challenges

Equipping staff with creative strategies to understand and manage challenging situations leads to a significant reduction in these incidents, creating a more peaceful and positive environment for all residents.

Our Impact

Feedback from 700+ caregivers who have viewed dementia education by Be Light Care Consulting


Report an overall better understanding of dementia


Report greater confidence in managing physical care challenges


Have experienced a decrease in adverse reactions


Have experienced a decrease in the frequency of refusals of care tasks


Feel the quality of life of their person with dementia has improved as a result

Custom Trainings for Caregivers & Communities

Sample Training Topics

  • Connection Through Communication and Activities

  • SLPs in the Bathroom: Understanding Our Role in Dementia and ADLs

  • Embracing a New Perspective on Dementia Challenges

  • Great Expectations Result in Great Dementia Care

  • Prepping for Dementia Challenges: A Creative Approach

  • Guiding Caregivers: Navigating the Medical Maze

  • Navigating Resistance: Unacknowledged Needs in Individuals with Dementia

  • Real Talk: Communication Strategies in Dementia Care

  • Dementia & Physical Therapy

  • Dementia Considerations in Acute Care

  • Informed and Empathetic Dementia Care

  • Caring for A Loved One With Mild Dementia: How to Navigate the Challenges

Watch & Listen

In addition to the 500+ free videos for on-the-go, practical dementia care,

Be Light Care offers a wide range of educational trainings, conversations and workshops.


Prestige Senior Living


to discuss Caring for Mild Dementia



(Wife of Bruce Willis)

to discuss dementia communication strategies.

Parent Projects


to discuss practical tips and advice for caregivers.

" I have encouraged many friends and coworkers to follow Adria. Her content is valuable and her approach is clever and functional!"

Carmela S., Activity Director

Chastsworth, New Jersey

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