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We personalize therapy care and provide resources to help those helping others with dementia.


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Whatever you're experiencing, we can help. You are not alone.

Our goal is to provide individualized consultation for caregivers, therapists, care communities, and therapy companies to improve the care for individuals with dementia and other neurogenerative diseases. We will work with you to customize the needed education and training requiring to make a difference in your world. If we can better understand the reality in which individuals with dementia are living, we will better meet their needs with compassion and grace.

Let us light the path with knowledge and lighten the load of caregiving.

Adria of Be Light Care Consulting

Hi, I'm Adria

Speech Language Pathologist
Certified Dementia Practitioner ®
Dementia Consultant

I'm deeply passionate for the large and ever growing population of people with dementia in this world. I have the experience, creativity, and the heart to help you solve the most difficult problems.



Read feedback from our recent therapists and caregivers.


"Thank you so much for the training last week. It gave me the confidence to keep trying when it seemed like we couldn't do anything with one of our residents. This morning, the resident and I put her shirt on and brushed hair and transferred to the wheel chair and went to breakfast. She has been refusing breakfast the last week and it's been taking 3 staff to get her ready. This is truly life transforming!  Adria, thank you for the time and effort that went into developing this training."

Katy, Area Clinical Coordinator at The Weston Group

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