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Dementia Care:
The Mobile App

Elevate Your Caregiving with Immediate, On-Demand Solutions

The Dementia Care App, created by licensed Speech Language Pathologist Adria Thompson, provides instant access to more than 500 short, practical, easy-to-implement videos.


Gain confidence and knowledge to provide the best care possible, all from the convenience of your smartphone for only $4.99 a month.

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Report an overall better understanding of dementia


Report greater confidence in managing physical care challenges


Have experienced a decrease in adverse reactions


Have experienced a decrease in the frequency of refusals of care tasks


Feel the quality of life of their person with dementia has improved as a result

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Key Features

 Join us in our mission to redefine excellence in dementia care, fostering a future where every caregiver thrives.

Extensive Video Library

The Dementia Care App offers an extensive library of over 500 short, actionable videos. Each video is carefully crafted to address a specific aspect of dementia care.


Whether you need advice on managing daily activities, dealing with challenging behaviors, or improving communication, our library provides practical solutions that can be favorited to your personalized list and quickly implemented. This breadth of content ensures that you are well-equipped to handle the diverse challenges of dementia care.

Expert Guidance

All content within The Dementia Care App is created by Adria Thompson, a licensed Speech Language Pathologist with extensive experience in dementia care.


Adria's expertise ensures that each video is grounded in evidence-based practices and real-world experience. This professional guidance provides caregivers with trusted, reliable advice, helping them feel more confident and capable. 

Practical Solutions:

he primary goal of The Dementia Care App is to provide immediate, applicable advice that caregivers can use in their day-to-day interactions with their loved ones.


Each video is designed to be short and focused, providing clear and concise guidance that can be quickly understood and implemented. This practical approach helps to reduce stress and improve care quality, as well as more confident and effective in your role and make positive changes that enhance the well-being of your loved ones with dementia.

User-Friendly Navigation

The Dementia Care App is designed with you in mind, featuring an intuitive, user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate.


Users can quickly find videos relevant to their current needs through a robust search function and organized categories. Additionally, the app allows you to save your favorite videos for easy access later. This personalized approach means that the most relevant information is always at your fingertips when you need it most.

Join over a million happy users!

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