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Mission & Values

Welcome to Be Light Care Consulting, where our mission, vision, and values guide everything we do. As a dedicated dementia care consultancy, we strive to provide compassionate, innovative support for caregivers and individuals with dementia. 

Holding Hands


The mission of Be Light Care is to improve the lives of individuals with dementia by empowering caregivers and communities with the knowledge and tools to provide compassionate, informed, and effective care.


The vision of Be Light Care is to light the path in dementia care with illuminating education, lighten the load for individuals with dementia and their caregivers, and light a spark of passion in a new generation's interest in the field of dementia care.

Practice Walking


1. Compassion:  We strive to cultivate a compassionate understanding of dementia across society, influencing how communities perceive and interact with individuals living with dementia and those caring for them. 


2. Integrity:  We place paramount importance on the integrity of our content, ensuring all educational materials and strategies are grounded in evidence-based research and real-world experience. This commitment guarantees that our approaches are not only scientifically valid but also ethically sound.


3. Hope:  Hope is the cornerstone of our philosophy at Be Light Care. We believe in maintaining an optimistic outlook, always acknowledging that there are possibilities and opportunities for improvement in care. Our brand is synonymous with bringing light and levity to the challenges faced by those living with dementia and their caregivers.


4. Dignity:  Dignity is crucial in all our interactions and materials. Be Light Care is committed to upholding the dignity of individuals with dementia, ensuring that our training and resources respect their personhood.


5. Practicality:  Recognizing the demands on caregivers’ time and energy, we ensure that all our resources are practical, straightforward, and immediately useful. Our tools are designed to fit seamlessly into the busy lives of those who provide care, offering accessible, easy-to-understand solutions that can be implemented effectively.

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